Balute Inc

Farabi Composer Lite

Windows      $39.99 - 30 Days Free Trial

vTar Lite  (1.0.1)                            

vTar Pro (1.0.1)

Windows        Free. 

Windows      $39.99
30 Days Free Trial   

Mac OS X     Free. Mac OS X    $39.99
Linux              Free.  Linux              $39.99 



       vTar Lite       

       vTar Pro      

Play notes

Change scale


Change tonic

Customize pitch of individual notes         

Save customized pitch


Change the instrument

Apply accidental or expression

Change dynamics

Apply vibrato


Apply sustain pedal

Create chord progressions

Save chord progressions


Change tuning

Record in MIDI format

Share MIDI recordings

Connecting to a MIDI keyboard (Windows only)

Play MIDI files

Load arbitrary soundfont


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