Balute Inc


Ali Tehrani, CEO

ali.tehrani AT

Ali is an author, singer and composer with 30 years of experience in traditional music. He also holds a PhD degree in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo, and leads the design and development of Balute products.

Yaser Kerachian

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Yaser Kerachian, VP Business Development

yaser.kerachian AT

Yaser is an experienced commercialization professional with 10 years experience who oversees the business operation of Balute. Yaser holds a PhD degree in Physics from University of Toronto, and an MBA with Entrepreneurship option from Wilfrid Laurier University.


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Nima Zarrinbakhsh, R&D Engineer

nima AT

Nima is a Materials Engineer by training with specialties in plastics and has a passion for music. He is part of the design and development team at Balute who also tests and analyzes the developed electronic instruments from musical point of view. Nima holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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